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Maybe you’re a parent of a toddler who’s got a bad habit of dropping everything on the floor, or you’d like to introduce your child to the joys of drinking from a responsibly-sized glass.

You might be looking for the perfect gift for your favorite adult, or a pair of really smooth drinking glasses to toast with your best bud. Maybe you want something special to sip on your anniversary or wedding. Whatever it is, you’re going to check out this list of the best drinking glasses for all kinds of people.

We’ve sorted through over 100 pages of Amazon listings to come up with the best drinking glasses for everyday use.

Most of these glasses have been expertly crafted to last forever. A few of them can even be personalized to make a great gift for someone special, but if you’re like me, you’ll want one of each. Whether you’re looking to match your decor, or you want some extra flare to your kitchen table, these are the tastiest drinking glasses around.

Tervis Clear & Colorful Insulated TumblerBest OverallTervis Clear & Colorful Insulated Tumbler
Libbey Classic Tumbler GlassesBudget PickLibbey Classic Tumbler Glasses
Anchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. SetUpgrade PickAnchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. Set

1. Tervis Clear & Colorful Insulated Tumbler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Tervis Clear & Colorful Insulated Tumbler

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  • Available in two different sizes
  • Double wall insulated
  • Not breakable

If you need to drink a lot of water and look good doing it, then the Tervis tumblers will keep you hydrated and stylish anytime, anywhere. Each tumbler has two layers of protection. Not only do they keep your water icy cold or piping hot, but you can enjoy it without worrying about it breaking or even scratching.

The tumblers are sweat- and shatter-resistant so they will go with you from the office to the campsite. Get the Clear or Colorful version in the 16oz, 18oz or 20oz size.

They are recommended for cold drinks only. If you want to keep drinks hot, use the Tervis tumbler with the seal lid. If you have a specific team or you know people who are crazy about a certain movie or TV show, you will never be at a loss for gift ideas with Tervis tumblers. When you buy a gift, you are really getting GEEKY.

2. Classic 16-ounce Premium Quality Plastic Water Tumbler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Classic 16-ounce Premium Quality Plastic Water Tumbler

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  • Durable and lightweight; shatter-resistant
  • Great value
  • Different sizes available

This set of 6 drinking glasses is made to fit in your fridge with the rest of your daily dining necessities. These lightweight plastic glasses are of exceptional quality – they’re durable and shatter-resistant. They hold up to 16oz of water (or your favorite beverage) without condensation building up on the outside.

They’re the perfect size to slip into a large picnic basket or backpack, or just put them in your bag for easy access when you reach your destination.

With a transparent body and raised squared rim, you’ll be able to satisfy your sense of style and practicality with these glasses. These are excellent quality, made from premium Tritan plastic, and are BPA free.

3. Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

Our rating: 9 / 10

Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

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  • Cool 4D design
  • The set includes 12 pieces
  • Made with tempered glass

Aspiring troublemakers will enjoy the Galaxy Glassware 12-piece set for its wacky, out-of-this-world design. Each glass features a different face or a landmark culled from the galaxy.

The glasses are ideal for wine, whiskey, or brandy, and come with stoppers for layering and bottling.

According to the manufacturer, the set is made of ultra-strong tempered glass for maximum durability. Plus, the Galaxy design adds a level of visual intrigue.

4. Duralex Made In France Picardie Clear Tumbler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Duralex Made In France Picardie Clear Tumbler

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The Duralex Picardie is a well-established brand that provides an excellent selection of glassware. The Made in France Picardie tumblers are a great choice for a house requisition or wedding, as they’re more reliable than traditional plastic glasses.

These are proudly French and manufactured in France by Duralex. These tumblers are unbelievably strong, have a higher resistance to thermal shock, and are less likely to break even if the temperature is changed quickly.

There are high quality glassware brands, but Duralex leads the industry in terms of quality. Duralex is a French glassware brand that is made by and for the people in France. Duralex offers a selection of glassware with various designs. They are sold in France and as a part of the European Community-wide reusable packaging directive.

5. Vibrant Splash Water/Beverage Highball Glasses

Our rating: 8 / 10

Vibrant Splash Water/Beverage Highball Glasses

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  • Made of dishwasher-safe glass
  • Very affordable
  • The vibrant splash design is cool and makes it fun to drink from
  • The quality is better than most glasses out there
  • Multipurpose – it can be used for wine and water
  • Colors don’t fade when exposed to heat
  • Does not chip or scratch easily


  • Improper stacking can damage the bottom of the glass
  • The glass is fragile and can break if dropped

You can give your home bar a vibrant splash of color with this set of colorful and durable drinking glasses. Made of dishwasher-safe glass, these glasses look great and feel very chic. Not only do they look amazing but the quality is definitely top-notch.

These glasses are 1.75 inches tall and hold 13.25 ounces — perfect for having a glass of wine with your friends or a highball with your family on a hot summer afternoon.

6. Anchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. Set

Our rating: 8 / 10

Anchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. Set

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  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Rectangle-shaped glasses
  • Six different fun colors
  • Made from durable materials

According to the reviews this Anchor Hocking set of 16 glasses is a great value for money glassware set, and we agree. Most glassware sets which include 16 glasses are usually quite expensive, but not this one.

These glasses are made from durable materials. They’re both dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can wash them easily.

The pack includes 6 different colored glasses made from durable materials. That means you’ll definitely get a sense of celebrations when you have one of these glasses.

7. Libbey Classic Tumbler Glasses

Our rating: 7 / 10

Libbey Classic Tumbler Glasses

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  • Crystal clear; great for both hot and cold drinks
  • Classic, timeless design
  • Thick glass doesn’t break easily

Libbey is one of the most respected manufacturing companies with over a 165-year history. In fact, they supply more restaurant and hotel glassware than anyone in the industry.

They supply everything from stemware and tumblers to glassware for the bar and entertaining. Whether you want a wine or beer glass, a specialty glass, or shot glass Libbey just might have it.

The Libbey 4-piece set comes with two 16 oz tumblers, one 13.25 oz rocks tumbler, and one 9.5 oz tumbler with a handle. All four of the glasses come with the classic Libbey design. The clear glasses have the tiniest amount of amber coloring to help you see the bubbles in your favorite beers.

8. Libbey 16-Ounce Midtown Cooler Glass

Our rating: 6 / 10

Libbey 16-Ounce Midtown Cooler Glass

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  • Wide-mouth design for easy cleaning
  • Four-pack of glasses
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not break-resistant
  • Design flaws
  • Availability in glass or plastic

For 40 years, Libbey has been known for its high-quality glassware products. The Midtown cooler is no exception. It has a unique wide-mouth design, which allows users to easily clean the glasses without breaking them. It’s quite a transparent offering for a drinking glass.

The glasses come with sturdy stems that can handle extreme temperatures as the glass is designed to be used in the freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. This makes it a great addition to your home or office.

Although the glasses are of high quality, there are still some design flaws that should be noted. The Libbey 16 oz. Midtown Cooler Glass has not been made sturdily enough and breaks easily. The glasses are ideal for use in home entertaining or with clients at the office. The glasses are also very fragile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best everyday drinking glasses?

Most glasses in the U.S. are 9 ounce glasses that are held between the thumb and index finger. These glasses are incredibly popular right now. But, they’re also probably not the best choice for a drinking glass. Sure, they are the perfect size, but the shape makes it incredibly easy to spill. And, because they are so narrow, it's hard to hold them comfortably for long without burning your hand.

You can still buy these glasses and fill them with your favorite beverages, but if you really want to get the most out of your glass, then consider what makes for an ideal drinking glass:

Holds 12 fluid ounces (350mL)- the size that’s most comfortable to hold for both short and long periods of time.

Is Libbey glassware good?

It’s strong and sturdy, and it doesn’t break easily. You typically get what you pay for with this brand.

As a side note, If you’re concerned about lead in glassware, stop. Lead was banned from use in glassware over 30 years ago.

Who makes the best glassware?

It comes down to two main factors: brand and style. The best drinking glasses are mass-produced by well-respected brands that are known to make great kitchenware products. Also, try to find glassware that doesn't feel too heavy or flimsy. Glass can really vary a lot in terms of consistency and craftsmanship.

A good glass should feel balanced and not too heavy or light when you're holding it. Glassware from well known brands usually have consistently high quality. However, some store brand glassware may also be excellent. Yet, most of the best drinking glasses we've tested are from name brand companies like Anchor Hocking and Libbey.

The best drinking glasses are made of tempered glass because it is durable and highly resistant to shattering. Tempered glass also has great shock-resistance, making it the top choice for windows in skyscrapers.

Does glass contain harmful chemicals?

Studies show that glass is one of the safest materials for cookware. It is completely non-reactive and does not release any chemicals or residue of any kind. In fact, glass is inorganic and inert – it does not interact with the food or leave a residue. For example, if you use a glass baking dish, just throw it in the dishwasher and it's good as new.

I believe you should go for glass anytime it is an option. Here's why: it can be crushed and gets recycled; there's no worry if it breaks. Furthermore, even if it breaks, it's not sharp like ceramic. It also acts as a great insulator, so your beverages can stay hot or cold without being in constant contact.


When breaking down the best way to choose drinking glasses, we looked at 4 key factors. Mouthfeel, ergonomics, cleanability, and aesthetics. Through this process, we learned there are In the end, the decision became clear and which glass is best for you will depend on your personal flavor. So we recommend you read our article on the best drinking glasses, and do some comparative shopping to find the glass that feels best in your hand. Happy Drinking!

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Tervis Clear & Colorful Insulated TumblerBest OverallTervis Clear & Colorful Insulated Tumbler
Libbey Classic Tumbler GlassesBudget PickLibbey Classic Tumbler Glasses
Anchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. SetUpgrade PickAnchor Hocking Anchor Reality 16 Pc. Set