Easy Ricotta Cheese Substitutes for Last Minute Lasagna or Cannoli

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What to Consider When Substituting Ricotta Cheese?

While "butter" and "vegetable oil" can usually be easily substituted in a recipe for each other, this is not always the case when trying to swap ricotta cheese for another cheese.

Ricotta means “recooked” or “refined”, it is a type of Italian whey cheese made from whey. It can be made using cow, goat, sheep, or Italian water buffalo milk.

The process of making ricotta is relatively straightforward and it can be easily made at home. Ricotta cheese is made by allowing the whey to ferment by adding an acidic ingredient to it.

If you're trying to replace ricotta cheese with cottage cheese, this will be a challenge. The first thing to consider while substituting Ricotta cheese is its texture. Ricotta has a unique texture, and it is the essential element to look at when deciding which substitute for using. The cheese to substitute Ricotta must have a smooth, soft, and creamy texture and be as moist as Ricotta.

The next crucial element is flavor. Although lasagna is a very flexible and forgiving dish, some are still very particular regarding the unique taste which Ricotta adds to it. The substitute cheese must be able to impart as close to the flavor as possible.

Also, the color of cheese matters. Ricotta is a perfect white cheese, and if you are replacing it in a sauce, you must look for a cheese that will offer a similar white color to the sauce.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a somewhat bland cheese often used in lasagna, cannoli, and other desserts. It’s hearty enough to substitute for ricotta if you’re in a pinch and need to whip up something quick. Health benefits include high amounts of protein, low amounts of sodium, and calcium.

Cottage cheese avoids most of the risk associated with eating dairy (weight gain, high cholesterol