Top 8 Best Hand Mixers in 2022

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Looking for the best hand mixer? With so many options on the market to choose from, it’s hard to figure out which mixer is the best hand mixer. But, after reading this short and simple buying guide, you will be able to make a more informed decision on the best mixer for you.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand MixerBest OverallHamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand MixerBudget PickBLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer
Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand MixerUpgrade PickBreville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Our rating: 9 / 10

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

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  • Includes 3 attachments
  • Wire beater and whisk attachments
  • Price


  • Lightweight plastic attachments
  • Speed control is in the back of the mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Mixer has been top rated by users for its low price and versatile attachments, but its also a good deal for small spaces. The wire beaters and whisk are perfectly designed to be the ideal size for mixing small amounts of batter or frothy drinks. The ultra-flexible cord, which swivels around a center post, can be removed for easy storage and remains attached when in use.

The cord also has a velcro loop to secure it, which adds safety and efficacy to the mixer. The bullet-pointed beaters are the perfect size for a smaller mixing bowl and the whisk is ideal for frothy drinks. The 250-watt motor has 6 speeds, allowing you to prepare a variety of foods quickly.

It includes a beater eject button which allows convenient ejection of beaters/attachments, and a snap-on storage case which makes it convenient to take between counter tops. The storage case is ideal for keeping your mixer and attachments together, which could otherwise get lost in the kitchen.

2. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Our rating: 8 / 10

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Nice design
  • Great variable speed settings
  • Comes with almost every attachment you can think of
  • Very Powerful Motor


  • Variable speed settings are not controlled with the power button
  • Fairly loud

Hamilton Beach is well known for making high quality mixer. One of our favorites is the 6-Speed Mixer, which allows you to control the speed settings with the push of a button. That's right – no messing around with the dials or risk speeding up or slowing down in the middle of a recipe.

It also comes with a snap-on case for convenient storage, making it easy to store in your kitchen when not in use. And the best part is that the case has a lid that can be attached to the mixer. Not only does it store the attachments neatly, it prevents them from falling out when the case is open.

The mixer has a 375-watt motor that provides enough power to mix a variety of ingredients. Some other nice features include the single touch eject button for the attachments, a flexible dough hook, and a mini whisk attachment for smaller recipes.

3. BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer

Our rating: 8 / 10

BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer

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  • Affordable price
  • Reliable and durable
  • Versatile with many attachments

We’re just going to break the ice and tell you the truth straight away. We have no idea how anybody makes cupcakes without this BLACK+DECKER hand mixer in their kitchen. This little baby is one of the best hand mixers on the market.

The MX3200B comes with 5 attachments, so you can use it to mix, whisk, blend, and froth your way to baking heaven. The 6 speeds might be the cherry on top, as they allow you to whisk or beat ingredients to just the right consistency.

The hand mixer features rubber comfort grips for a truly comfortable hand-held experience. The pro-power system is great for high-performance in any kitchen. And the 5 attachments will ensure you have a tool for any preparing any dish on your menu.

4. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

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  • Made from premium performance steel
  • Versatile since it can be used as a power hand mixer, hand-held mixer, or a wire whisk
  • Automatic beater ejector as well as soft grip handle for greater comfort and control
  • Can be used with a wall outlet, kitchen counter outlet, and 12 volt cigarette lighter

The Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case is one of the best kitchen appliance in the market today. It is a multi-purpose food processor that works hand-in-hand with a beater, which is ideal for making yogurt, stirring scrambled eggs, and shredding vegetables. You can also use it as a hand-held mixer for smaller tasks such as whipping cream. Besides, it comes with built-in mixer heads, which make your food preparation and cooking even easier. Thanks to its diverse functions, you can use it in different ways.

5. Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Our rating: 7 / 10

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

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  • Powerfull 2.3HP Motor
  • Strong Steel Base
  • Simple, Yet Effective Design
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Small Feet To Prevent Slipping
  • Perfect For Batter, Muffins, Cupcakes, and Anything Else
  • Easy to Clean
  • Attachments Cover


  • Plastic parts break easily
  • Some users complain of the batter splatter

Hp, 600W.

It’s hard to imagine baking without a mixer, although at least a few recipes out there can be done without! And, when it comes to having those special baking days of the year, what you want is a powerful and efficient mixer. Well, the Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer fits the bill.

This one is a 3-speed battery-operated mixer that comes with two attachments that can both be used on the go or stand up on the counter. The rubber feet hold it firmly in place and ensure it doesn’t slide around while you’re at it.

6. KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

Our rating: 7 / 10

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

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  • Turbo beaters take both a wide and deep approach
  • Unit comes with a recipe booklet
  • Base has suction cups to keep it in place
  • Digital interface
  • Has 9 speed settings


  • Plastic material
  • Noise level is a tad high

KitchenAid has been a market leader for decades and this is mainly due to the clear audiophilia and modern aesthetics they stamp on all their products. One of them is their 4.4 star rated hand mixer with turbo beater accessories.

T is a very popular product, and it deserves to be given the number one spot on our list. The fact that the mixer is made by KitchenAid is a good sign that it will work great; however, it’s important to look at the actual product.

We found the KitchenAid 9-speed digital hand mixer very attractive; it’s made from hard plastic and is dishwasher safe. The chrome finish looks very elegant and works very well for all kind of kitchen styles.

7. Vremi 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer

Our rating: 6 / 10

Vremi 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer

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  • Apart from being affordable, the Vremi Hand Mixer is well-made, compact and robust
  • It features a detachable cord that makes it very convenient to clean
  • 3-speeds plus a Turbo mode for maximum mixing power
  • It comes with many attachments, including an egg whip, two dough hooks and beaters
  • The cleaning process is quite simple


  • The Vremi Hand Mixer makes a lot of noise
  • Because of its compact size, it’s quite heavy to use for long

Just like the feature that makes the KitchenAid stand out from the competition, this hand mixer from Vremi also features a clever beater storage system.

With the Vremi, you no longer have to worry about where you’re storing or losing each piece separately. It contains a total of 4 beaters, each fitting into its own slot, and kept inside the body of the mixer.

It’s also lightweight and has a powerful 750-watt motor that can fix any recipe in minutes. The speed of this mixer ranges from slow stir to turbo, which is ideal for all your recipe needs. It’s also perfect for a variety of blending tasks, from mashing to emulsifying.

8. Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer

Our rating: 5 / 10

Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer

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  • Available at a very affordable price
  • 6 speeds, including turbo
  • 15-piece attachment kit included
  • Includes turbo boost
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Good pick for someone who needs a small and compact hand mixer
  • Gets the job done


  • Not very sturdy
  • The cord winding feature is slow

Every kitchen should have a hand mixer. And if your kitchen has a built-in oven, the process of baking might be really simple for you. But what about those times when you’re in a dorm and can’t use an oven? What about when you’re camping and need to bake something? It’s nice to have a good hand mixer.

With the Retractable Cord Hand Mixer, your kitchen will never again be without a hand mixer, whether you’re cooking in the oven or in the microwave. Part of the Oster line, the Retractable Cord Hand Mixer has a 220-watt motor with 6 speeds, including a turbo boost for the battering process. No need to worry about going through a lot of batter. It makes sure that all of it goes into the final product rather than making a mess on the outside of the bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best hand mixer on the market?

You'll be hard-pressed to find a hand mixer that doesn't blow through its competitors in terms of quality based on reviews. They all deserve to be the best hand mixer. I also looked at the most popular models below.

Choosing one over another comes down to the features that are important to you. In general, you'll want to get a mixer that has a good motor. That way, you can avoid burning out the motor and wearing out your batter prematurely. Depending on the model you choose, the motor and speed control can also vary.

You'll also want to consider the number of speeds as well as attachments. Some mixers are designed for specific purposes like mixing icings or kneading bread dough. However, it will cost you more to get these features.

Other features you may also want to think about include: a storage case, design, storage slots, maximum liquid capacity, and cord length.

Which is best hand mixer or stand mixer?

If you intend to use your mixer on a daily basis, then we highly recommend getting a stand mixer. Most models have larger mixing bowls and stronger motors, which are more convenient for a family that cooks often. Stand mixers are also preferred by bakers because the attachments are more versatile.

If you don’t plan on using your mixer often, then the whisk attachment attachment is probably adequate for your needs. So, you can easily get by with a hand mixer.

What is the best wattage for a hand mixer?

Hand mixers of all wattages are all generally great. However, medium wattage models offer more power in exchange for higher price and weight.

What really matters is the power of the motor, not the wattage, which can be deceiving because it's a bigger number. So the best way to compare is to look at the power ratings which will be noted on the product description (such as 300 watts and 500 watts).

For the most versatility, we love for small hand mixers to have a 1.5-inch or 3-inch splash guard for adding oil to a recipe without making a mess. The extra-long flex beater is also a good feature.

Lastly, make sure the hand mixer has good grip and a long cord. The longer, plastic flex handle that can be adjusted to the perfect length is better than the ergonomically uncomfortable rubberized handle.

What is the best stand mixer?


There are a lot of hand mixer brands that are currently available in the market. Naturally, finding the best hand mixer can be a little difficult because of the sheer number of brands and models available. If you’re in the market for the best hand mixer, then you’re lucky because we have you covered.

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Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand MixerBest OverallHamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand MixerBudget PickBLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer
Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand MixerUpgrade PickBreville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer