The 5 Best Gruyère Cheese Substitutes

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Gruyère Substitutes

Gruyère cheese is a very popular Swiss cheese that is typically used in gratins, as well as fondues. Though it sometimes comes in a block that needs to be shaved, you can use it to make frittatas or a classic fondue.

Aged for a minimum of one year, Gruyère cheese is famous for its sweet flavor, nutty aroma, and creamy texture. It can easily be grated and melted into gratins or fondues, perfect for flavor-basted dishes.

The secret to this cheese’s distinct flavor is in the process used to make it. The wheels are aged in several stages, giving it a complex, nutty flavor. In 2001, Gruyère became an AOP (appellation d’origine protégée – A Swiss legal framework protecting the origin and quality of traditional culinary specialties that people can only produce in certain areas).

But what to do when a recipe asks for Gruyère cheese, whether it is not available or too expensive? If you’ve recently discovered that your local cheese vendor doesn’t carry it, you have several alternatives available to you, including those listed below.

Beaufort Cheese

If you want a cheese that offers a similar flavor to Gruyère, Beaufort cheese is a great option. While not as popular as Gruyère, it can serve as a delicious Gruyère cheese alternative. Beaufort cheese is an Alpine cheese first produced in Switzerland and known for its bold butterscotch flavor.

The flavor of Gruyère comes from the wide range of bacteria that forms the natural rind on the outside of the cheese. That rind also gives Gruyère its characteristic crunch.
This is where Beaufort cheese shines. Its rind is also created by those lactic bacteria, which gives the cheese a similar texture to Gruyère.