The 10 Best BBQ Sauce Brands for Your Baby Backs Ribs and More

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There are plenty of different BBQ sauce brands to suit any taste. Before opening the bottle, you should check the list of ingredients first to make sure they are safe for your baby.

I would advise against BBQ sauce that contain chemical preservatives like sorbates, benzoates, and potassium (or sodium) benzoate. But if you find one containing these chemicals, it’s not the end of the world.

By adding your own herbs and spices you can doctor it to your taste and avoid the chemicals. Most BBQ sauces contain high amounts of sugar.

Therefore, you should not serve them to children younger than 12 months. After one year, you can gradually introduce them, but be sure to watch how much your baby is eating.

Sonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.Best OverallSonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.
bibigo Gochujang SauceBudget Pickbibigo Gochujang Sauce
Rufus Teague: BBQ SauceUpgrade PickRufus Teague: BBQ Sauce

1. Sonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.

Our rating: 9 / 10

Sonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.

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  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • No preservatives
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Available in 14 different flavors


  • Can be a little thin compared to other sauces
  • The price tag is on the higher side

The story of Sonny’s goes back to 1907 when a man named Bill Gulley opened up his own BBQ joint in Eastern Alabama. His recipes were great, and so was the quality of the meat, and word soon spread. Soon this one BBQ joint in Alabama expanded to a restaurant with 7 more locations and a booming mail-order business that lasted into the 80’s.

Sonny’s authenticity and overall quality are undisputed. The hot and mild sauces are a great way to start, and the variety of flavors also mean that no matter what dish you’re planning you can find a sauce of your choice.

Sonny’s carries award-winning sauces, which celebrated the Best Hot & Spicy and Golden Gold awards at the International Hot Sauce Expo, one year in a row.

2. Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce

Our rating: 9 / 10

Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce

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There are many brands available, but it comes with some quality that you will definitely want to know about it. You can use this for your baby backs ribs, hamburgers and much more. In fact, the ingredients and quality of Montogomery Inn can give you a lot of energy to make you really feel like you can get the best experience that you can ever have.

It brings out the most delicious taste for you and a lot of preparation you can smoothly make for everybody who will be coming over for your barbecue party. With a lot of ingredients and preparation you can easily make, you will feel like you are in heaven just to sip it plain or to pour it on your pork steak or on any part of food you can ever think of.

3. The Salt Lick BBQ Sauce 12oz Bottle

Our rating: 9 / 10

The Salt Lick BBQ Sauce 12oz Bottle

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4. bibigo Gochujang Sauce

Our rating: 9 / 10

bibigo Gochujang Sauce

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  • Goes well with any dish
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Best gochujang Hot sauce


  • The spicy part is too spicy for kids below 7
  • The texture is a bit thin and runny

Gibigo Gochujang sauce is a savory sauce that is a must-have for all barbecues. It’s made with Korean ingredients like gochujang red pepper paste, and organic ingredients like Korean radish. All of it is cooked up in a savory sauce perfect for any meat. It’s also spicy, but without overpowering flavors of pepper or other spices that can overdo it. Instead, this is the kind of sauce that stays in the background but adds a meaty depth to a dish.

Overall, this authentic Korean BBQ sauce is a delicious option that’s a must-have for those barbecuing in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

5. Daddy Sams Barbecue Sauce

Our rating: 9 / 10

Daddy Sams Barbecue Sauce

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  • Delicious
  • Great value
  • Wide selection of flavors
  • Gluten-free

Daddy Sams is one of the best BBQ sauce brands you can find online, in your local barbecue supply store, or in select grocery chains. They have a huge assortment of mouth-watering barbecue sauces – hot, mild, or sweet – that will spice up your baby back ribs, chicken, pork chops, and even hamburgers.

Daddy Sams uses only natural ingredients and doesn’t add high fructose corn syrup in their sauces – a popular ingredient in most commercial BBQ sauces – which makes their product best for those with diabetes, those who want to keep their blood sugar levels in check, and for those who wish to cut down on their sugar consumption.

The same can also be said about their Original Sauce, with no artificial preservatives, chemicals, or additives. It is also gluten-free, which makes the product safe for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities.

6. Primal Kitchen 3 Pack Organic and Unsweetned Barbeque & Steak Sauce

Our rating: 8 / 10

Primal Kitchen 3 Pack Organic and Unsweetned Barbeque & Steak Sauce

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  • Whole 30 Approved
  • Keto friendly
  • Paleo friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • Just three ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners


  • Lowest amount of sugar in the three varieties
  • Fairly expensive
  • Maximum heat of 4/10
  • Less tangy than most
  • Not low-calorie

The first of the three options is 3 packs of Primal Kitchen Organic Bar-B-Que sauce and Steak Sauce. It comes in a large 28oz glass bottle accompanied with two smaller 10oz bottles of the same sauce. There are many reasons why this BBQ sauce is so popular and the main one among them is the fact that it contains just three simple yet effective ingredients.

7. Blues Hog Sauce Bbq Tennessee Red

Our rating: 8 / 10

Blues Hog Sauce Bbq Tennessee Red

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  • Perfect for Southern-style BBQ
  • Great taste
  • Use it on chicken, pork chops, steak, ribs and chops
  • Ideal for grilling, roasting, baking and gifting
  • One of the best and most popular BBQ sauces
  • A sweet to medium sauce with a rich, bold flavor
  • Made with real hickory wood smoke and fragrant spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder, clove and black pepper
  • Made with real hickory wood smoke and fragrant spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder, clove and black pepper
  • Enjoy the delicious smoky flavor with every delicious bite


  • The bottles are easy to break which is a problem if you travel with it
  • The taste is not for everyone

If you like smoking your meat with a more tomato-style BBQ sauce, then this is the product for you. Blues Hog is a traditional, Southern-style sauce made from tomatoes and a variety of seasonings. Blues Hog can be used on chicken breasts, pork chops, ribs, steak, and more. The sauce can be used in a variety of different ways, which is one of the reasons why it's number four on our list of the 10 Best BBQ Sauce Brands.

8. Dreamland Bar-b-que Sauce 32oz

Our rating: 8 / 10

Dreamland Bar-b-que Sauce 32oz

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  • Mesquite-smoked
  • Great pip and dip
  • Sweet, tangy, and rich in flavor
  • Not too runny or too thick
  • Bold smoky flavor but not too sweet
  • Great for marinades, sautéed veggies, and many more


  • Flavor is rather on the sweet side
  • Availability may be an issue in your area

The Dreamland Bar-B-Que Sauce is a classic smoky barbecue sauce that will help you whip up your best ribs, wings, or chicken ever. It has a slightly sweet and tangy flavor with a rich texture. It can also serve as a great pour over marinade for your pork chops or vegetables.

This mesquite-smoked barbecue sauce comes in a 32-ounce bottle and is USDA certified that makes it free from artificial ingredient. Plus, it’s got a distinctive flavor, which you won’t find in many other sauces.

9. Rufus Teague: BBQ Sauce

Our rating: 8 / 10

Rufus Teague: BBQ Sauce

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  • Gluten free
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Great grilling and dipping sauce
  • Thick and rich, not thin vinegar-based texture
  • Four unique flavors to choose from:
  • Get Sauced: Traditional BBQ
  • Mild with a hint of spice – Peppered: Spicy and smoky
  • Sweet Bright Heat: Sweet and Tangy
  • Green Label: Bold with a hint of heat


  • High in calories (230 per serving)
  • Extra hot version more than doubles the calories on most other varieties
  • Contains high fructose corn syrup

(6 Pack)

As you've probably already heard, fruit is good for you. Well, it's also tasty. And when fruit is combined with other ingredients, it makes a uniquely delicious sauce that is the perfect complement to steaks of all kinds. This sauce contains apples, tomatoes, and spices, and has a nice consistency and balance of sweet and tangy.

It's important to read the list of ingredients on any bottle of sauce you choose. This sauce contains grapefruit juice and orange juice, which can make for a slightly bitter taste if you add too much. Sugar can also cause an increase in the sweetness of the recipe. So, it's a good idea to taste the sauce as you prepare it so you know what the finished product is going to taste like.

10. Stubb's Original BBQ Sauce

Our rating: 7 / 10

Stubb's Original BBQ Sauce

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  • Hormone-, preservative-, gluten-, and nitrate-free
  • Comes in four different flavors: Original, Spicy, Tangy, and Sweet & Spicy
  • All natural ingredients
  • Award-winning flavor
  • Affordable price


  • Each flavor has different ingredients.
  • If you are looking for a barbecue sauce that is all natural, hormone-, preservative-, gluten-, and nitrate-free, then you should definitely choose the Stubb's Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz), as it uses only the best all-natural ingredients.

The different flavors include: Original, Spicy, Tangy, and Sweet & Spicy. This makes it great to be used in a wide variety of ways, such as your favorite meats, fish, chicken, veggies, chili, and more.

Stubb's Original has also won awards for its flavor, and for its unique mix of spices and herbs. If you want a good barbecue sauce but you don't have the time to prepare and cook one or when you're too tired to do it, then this winning label is a good choice.

The best thing about this barbecue sauce is that it is much healthier than most others because it is made from all natural ingredients. It is perfect if you want to stop using preservatives, chemicals, and nitrates in your meals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best store bought BBQ sauce?

Your best options for great flavor include, among others, Bull's Eye (original flavor is our favorite), Jack Daniels (smoky), and Stubbs.

We prefer K.C. Masterpiece if you're looking for a more traditional BBQ sauce. Their Original flavor is delicious.

It's really all subjective and can come down to personal preference. We like a vinegary sauce, a lot of garlic, and a strong kick of heat. Check out our review of the best bbq sauce brands here. Some of our favorites are Jack Daniels and Stubbs (original flavor). In terms of flavors, we love the Original flavor of Stubbs, KC Masterpiece, and Bulls Eye sauce.

What is the number one selling BBQ sauce?

According to the BBQ sauce statistics and market research firm SPINS, the top-selling BBQ sauce in the United States is Bull's-Eye Brand Original Barbecue Sauce. It has a 53% market share and has been in the top 10 brands for several years. It's also one of the top 10 bestselling sauces in the country.

Another BBQ sauce tops the charts with a 74% market share and is one of the most popular brands in the U.S. That brand is KC Masterpiece Original Kansas City Barbecue Sauce.

Sandy's and Kraft receive a 61% and 52% market share, respectively. Other leading brands include Stubb's, Sweet Baby Ray's, and Kraft.

What brand of BBQ sauce does McDonald's use?

One of the biggest mysteries this author has had to solve is what is the best brand of BBQ sauce for that iconic BBQ Sauce from the Big Mac.

Unfortunately, I am sad to say that I have no idea! However, one brand that does have some notoriety was mentioned in a Quora thread by someone who had tried many of them. That brand? Kraft BBQ Sauce.

The only other answer I can find is this one, which was posted to Reddit onto /r/AskReddit.

"McDonald's – NOT officially, but definitely Kraft."

So there you have it, the McD's BBQ sauce is Kraft.

What is the best barbecue sauce for ribs?

The best sauce for ribs is the one you love the most. With that being said, we have our favorites.

For us, the best sauce is the one that’s sweet and tangy. It adds a layer of flavor that’s not too overpowering but still enhances every bite.

For ribs, our go-to is a classic barbecue sauce. It’s sticky, messy, and has a rich and delicious flavor. For extra sticky ribs, we recommend brushing your rack with a classic barbecue sauce and then wrapping the racks in foil and baking in the oven for an hour or two.

If your ribs are extra dry, save yourself some time by pouring a bottle of your favorite sauce into the slow cooker when you start cooking your ribs. Be warned: it will taste so good, you'll want to lick the slow cooker clean.


There are many brands of BBQ sauce in the industry. We’ve taken the time to order and taste the ten best ones over the course of a few months. They’re all good, but some are quite a bit better than others. Let us guide you through the shopping process with some strong recommendations.

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Sonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.Best OverallSonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.
bibigo Gochujang SauceBudget Pickbibigo Gochujang Sauce
Rufus Teague: BBQ SauceUpgrade PickRufus Teague: BBQ Sauce